1st post wif 1st pic to share…i luv kinabalu so much…

1st of all….i wanna say sory if my english sounds terible becoz i owez use the bahasa melayu one laa to talk wif public…additional my mum from singapore so my english sounds pasar lor…ahaha…for the 1st post,i would like to share wif u my hobby n my activity…beside a camera,im oso like hiking as well…hmm 1 tips i want to share wif u is…daki gunung amat memenatkan right?? so dont bring up the useless thing together if u r not the hulk…juz bring the camera then capture everything u see…the equipment juz give to the porter or ask your frenz to bring it…upah la they one…sebatang rokok or seketul kuih karipap maa…huhuhu on diz pic,i was taken at gunung kinabalu…wuuu~~~ im use nikon d70s at that time…all my fren camera was broken at that time becoz frozen n anything else reason…hahaha…lucky my nikon is super duper lasak…Image


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